The Civia Lowry is a perfect bike for riding The Loop. It has a comfortable upright style, yet is efficient to peddle, geared correctly for the flat terrain (just 18' incline per mile!) you'll encounter, and weighs in at only 24lbs. The 1.5" (38mm) tires are the ideal width -  wide enough to absorb bumps but skinny enough for low rolling resistance. Best of all, we've upgraded the tires to Schwalbe Marathon Plus, the gold standard for toughness and quality. Has single gear, front & rear lever brakes, & kickstand. Rental also comes with a helmet, map, adjustable water bottle cage (16 to 22oz), & cable lock. Comes in two sizes:

  • Small - Step thru frame. Generally fits riders 4'11" to 5'7" (150-170cm)
  • Large - Step over frame. Generally fits riders 5'8" to 6'4" (171-194cm)
 State Bicycle Co. - Domingo City Bike

GUided Tour Bike - Civia Twin city

The Civia Twin City is similar to the Lowry, except it has a steel frame (absorbs more city road vibrations) and it has rear coaster brakes with front lever brakes. We've added a gel seat for extra comfort, a front handlebar bag for a bit of stuff, an insulated water bottle for hydration, and a bell for safety. Comes in three sizes for a wide range of heights.

 Civia Twin City