Guided bicycle tours through Tucson's Historic Neighborhoods.


Explore on a comfy bike. Ride in a small group with a great guide. 


Day Tour

Immerse yourself in vibrant barrios. From old forts to modern art. Cruise the best of historic, quirky, and bike-friendly Tucson!      11 miles / 3 hours / $60      Day Tour Details

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Night Tour

Bright neon signs to candlelit shrines. The blast of train whistles to the taste of Sonoran hotdogs. A night ride feeds the senses!       11 miles / 2.5 hours / $60  Night Tour Details

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For the coolest temps, softest light, and quietest streets, our Sunrise tour can't be beat. Plenty of post-tour breakfast options.                8 miles / 2 hours / $45    Sunrise Tour Details

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OUR Location

Downtown Tucson and 4th Ave is where all the cool cats hang out. Breweries, indy shops and not a chain restaurant in sight. Feel the vibe before or after your ride!   Location Details