We love being part of Tucson's amazing biking scene & community!

City RIDING & Resources

  • Living Streets Alliance - Their action makes Tucson better for all riders. Cyclovia host.
  • BICAS - Legendary DIY repair hub. Tools, advice, classes. Art too!
  • Safety classes - Pima county offers top notch programs . . . for free!
  • El Grupo - They get kids on bikes, whether for fun or racing.

Road Biking

  • BikeAZ - Check out road biking options in Tucson and greater Arizona.
  • GABA - The biggest, most active riding club in Arizona. Group rides & events galore.
  • El Tour de Tucson - A premier road biking event every November.
  • Top 10 rides - If you are overwhelmed by options, start here.

Mountain Biking

  • BikeAZ - Check out mountain biking options in Tucson and greater Arizona.
  • SDMB and SAMBA  - There's a big mountain bike community in Tucson.
  • 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo - An epic mountain bike event in February.
  • Fantasy Island - Tucson biking distilled: quirky, convenient, loads of options.