Our guides love bicycles and Tucson. Follow them for a fun, safe, and informative ride around town.

 Jim's Market was a fixture of the Dunbar Springs neighborhood.


Jimmy Bultman escaped his corporate cubicle and hasn't stopped smiling since. He's lived in Africa, met his wife walking from Mexico to Canada, published a novel, and has guided a wide range of wilderness trips. Since Jimmy's done a variety of things in an assortment of places, trust him when he says that Tucson is an amazing place which is best experienced on a bike. He can't wait to show you around!

 Saguaro Cactus - the sentinels of the desert.


Katalina Jimenez lived in an Alaskan cabin, but missed her Arizona home too much, especially in winter! She's an experienced long distance biker, but also loves simple jaunts around town. Kat will tell you everything you need to know for a great ride along The Loop. She's also a lawyer (a do-gooder type, but ignore that for now), so bring yourself and the bikes back in one piece.


 Biking and art. They go together.

Child labor

While Grease Monkey is a terrific worker, pesky regulations insist on things like school attendance. He also seems to require time with friends. When he reports for duty, he'll bring the bikes inside and ensure that the sidewalk is pebble-free.