Do you live in Tucson for all or most of the year? If so, there are three truths:

  1. People you know in cold climates will be visiting you!
  2. You want to show them the best of Tucson.
  3. You don't want to go broke after wave after wave of guests.


  • After you've paid for a tour once, never pay again! Just bring at least 2 new paying guests.


  • Book your first tour on our website, just like all those poor souls from the frozen north. If you have a partner who might be joining you on future free rides, be sure to list their full names in the ticket system.

  • Have your out of town visitors book a tour with Tucson Bike Tours. It's the best way to get a feel for Tucson. Have your visitors add a message to the "booking notes" that you will be joining the tour.

  • After your visitors book their tour, send us an email with the parties name and the tour date & time you will be joining. We'll look up customer information in our database and confirm your free tour.

  • Show up at the tour with your photo ID. The photo ID(s) has to match the name(s) of the person we have associated with previous tour purchase record, for hopefully obvious reasons.
I have lived in Tucson for seven years and I was delighted by all I learned about my city. Jimmy is friendly and funny and I know that your group – be it a family or a date – will feel safe and comfortable throughout. His tour was splendid. I give it the highest recommendation for both Tucson locals and guests. A MUST DO!
— Catherine from Tucson- TripAdvisor


  • You must have a Tucson area address.
  • May not be combined with other offers or discounts.
  • Free tours must be confirmed by Tucson Bike Tours via email. 
  • Photo ID required.
  • You must have previously purchased a tour.