How Much?

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I like learning about Tucson's past and present. I've even enjoyed reading books about subjects that I'm normally not particularly drawn to, such as architecture. I now know how to spot a Transformed Sonoran, Queene Anne Revival, and Western Stick Style. However, I'm rarely asked about such matters. "How much does that house cost?" is by far the most common structure related question. Usually it's asked when riding through the mostly restored neighborhoods of El Presidio and Barrio Viejo. I've never been terribly concerned with house prices when I'm not buying or selling one, but the customer has spoken! Thanks to online tools like Zillow, I now know the general pricing of a few houses in each neighborhood. I still think my old pre-Zillow answer suffices for most bike by tire kickers: "If it looks nice, a lot. If it doesn't look nice, a lot to make it look nice."