Local & Snowbird Special

So you live in Tucson for all or part of the year. Let me guess, you get winter visitors. Biking around is the best way to get a feel for a place, so show all your out of town guests the real Tucson. 


  • After you've paid for a tour once, never pay again. Just bring at least 2 new paying guests.

How to Redeem

  • Book your first tour on our website just like all those poor souls from the frozen north.

  • After the tour, request a personalized promo code that allows you to join any tour for free!

  • Go ahead and start using your promo code! Just add a note in your booking with the names of the two people that are joining you as paying customers. The assumption is that your guests will handle their own booking. If not, just add the paying guests to your own booking.
  • Show up at the tour with your photo ID. The photo ID has to match the name of the person we have associated with the promo code, for hopefully obvious reasons.


  • You must have a Tucson metro area address.
  • May not be combined with other offers and promo codes.
  • You must have previously purchased and joined a tour.
  • You must present a photo ID. It must match the name associated with the personalized promo code. 
  • If joining the night tour, the person with the free tour pays for their own food.