Biking around downtown Tucson is cool, not crazy

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When I talk to people on the phone who are thinking about joining a tour, sometimes they voice apprehension about riding around a downtown area. I always tell people that the route has been carefully planned for the most relaxing and safe experience and that, in general, Tucson is just a chill sort of place. Well, it's hot right now, but you know, a mellow town. Hard to believe there are a million folks here. Then I always follow up with the advice, "don't take my word for it, read the tour reviews, they confirm how quiet the experience is."

In fact, the reviews are just the tip of the iceberg. Ah, icebergs . . . we could use some of those around town about now. I digress. A small percentage of folks leave reviews, but practically all my clients make a comment during the tour such as, "So nice to be riding on a weekend morning, sure is quiet." A few days later someone will make the same comment about it being nice to be riding on a Tuesday morning, or afternoon, or evening. It doesn't matter. Everyone thinks they are getting lucky. They are not. It's almost always this way in and around downtown Tucson. The streets are wide, the drivers not jerks, and there a good deal of bike infrastructure in place. If that's not enough, there are neon colored bike helmets to gain the attention of the most distracted driver.

Along with not many people leaving reviews, I also am guessing that most people don't bother to ask or look into riding conditions. For many, the idea of biking around downtown Tucson must conjure images of NYC bike messengers. Far from it. So I'm hoping word gets out about biking near downtown Tucson. Redfin recently rated the El Presidio neighborhood the 2nd most bike friendly in the USA. This, along with Barrio Viejo, is the meat and potatoes section of my tours.

Oh and I should let Redfin know that Barrio Viejo is just as bike friendly as El Presidio.