Bicyclist Wears Many Hats

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I ran into Troy as I was leaving the tour office today. I know him from BICAS: BIcycle Inter-Community Art and Salvage. It's a local organization where I learned how to fix bikes. My tour goes by the BICAS office, so I see Troy often. He has to be one of the happiest guys I've ever met, always smiling.

When BICAS isn't doing bike related stuff, they make art out of out of old bike parts.  I've seen some of Troy's impressive pieces at the annual BICAS art auction. He once made a 5 foot long airplane that had to have been a huge time commitment. The BICAS office has this full scale sized Saguaro cactus made out of old bike rims. It's usually outside and my clients get a kick out of it. But yesterday it was notably absent, so I was curious if it was stolen. "What happened to the big Saguaro?" I asked Troy. "Oh, it was at 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo," he chuckled a reply.

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo is a mountain bike race that just finished up. It's a 16 mile loop with a twist: individuals or teams try to complete as many laps as possible between noon Saturday to noon Sunday. There's a little village that sprouts up, clearly as a place for the team riders to drink beer and take showers while it's not their turn. The BICAS cactus was a centerpiece in the temporary village.  Looking at the race results, I have to say I was most impressed with the single gear solo winner. The 16 mile loop has countless ups and downs, many of them very steep, yet there is a sub-set of riders who ride single geared bikes! The solo single speed winner bagged 17 laps, an impressive 11.3 miles per hour over a 24 hour period.

Now that Troy was back from the big event, he was at work installing some large "Ironhorse" neighborhood signs that he created. He was digging a deep hole in the mid-day sun, with a smile of course.