Coming soon . . . The Loop

Tucson is rated as one of the most bike-friendly towns. The streets are generally quiet and drivers quite relaxed. Plus, our tour routes choose bike lanes and low traffic side streets for the most part. Tucson also has colorful historic neighborhoods and great history. The combination has worked. People have loved the tours, as evidenced that Tucson Bike Tours is already rated as the #4 Outdoor Activity by TripAdvisor. We're coming for your Reid Park Zoo!

Yet still . . . 

Some people just want a pleasant ride down a bike path. As it happens, The Loop around Tucson is one of the best urban paths in the USA. So we're going to start offering tours on the best section of The Loop, the Rillito River path. Tucson Weekly readers pretty much name it the best place to ride every year.

Stay tuned. We're getting an additional location set up.

Tour details are already known: 7 miles of flat riding along the very diverse section of the loop. Plan on 1.5 hours. Prices are a great value: only $30 for adults and $20 for youth.