Sonoran Glass School

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The bike tour heads down 18th Street almost daily. It's a long but very slight downhill grade, so it's perfect for looking around. I'll admit, unfortunately, that the industrial feel of that stretch doesn't make it postcard pretty. It is an interesting stretch though. 

For starters, there is a great view of "A" mountain. Then there is water intake plant #1. Not sexy, but just about the important piece of infrastructure in Tucson. Then there is Sonoran Glass School. Located in an old auto repair garage, it's easy to ride right by without taking much notice. Inside, however, is a different story.

Due some pipeline work, 18th street has been closed right in front of Sonoran Glass School. While I've always pointed out SGS on my tours and describe the work they do, lately I've been taking folks inside since we are off our bikes anyway.

When you go inside, you see the finished work first. There is a display area in front with a variety of works from their flame shop, glass blowing setup, or kilns. They are a non-profit that offers classes, but I'm guessing the works on display are from folks who have honed their craft for quite some time . . . the stuff on display is really beautiful. Behind the display area are the actual workspaces. Despite having worries that I'll interrupt somebody doing a precise technique with molten glass, everyone inside is always very welcoming of visitors. So if you can't join a bike tour, at least check out the works of art and program offerings at Sonoran Glass School.