Kayaker Celebrates One Year in the Sonoran Desert

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One year ago today, I led my first bike tour around Tucson's historic neighborhoods. Creation stories get sketchier as each year passes by, so I'll document it on the first anniversary. 

My wife Kat and I previously lived in Page, Arizona and ran a kayak business on Lake Powell. Some people, like those who buzz through on annual trips to the big reservoir, know where it is. Some people, like folks in Phoenix calling at 2pm to book a late afternoon paddle, clearly do not.

The business was incredibly successful and Page was an easy place to live, if not a bit odd. We are foster parents and always liked how everything was a short walk away. We referred to it as "the island" though, which is was in many ways. Just a little town on top of a rock surrounded by vast expanses of desert in all directions. Flagstaff, our hub city which many consider as northern Arizona, was a two and a half hour drive south. While I got to play on the lake everyday, my wife attended to the far hotter and less fun work in town. So when Kat proposed moving to Tucson in order to be closer to family and live in a co-housing community, I agreed. However, I did mention, "But Honey, there's no water in Tucson!"

I escaped the corporate cubicle a long time ago and wanted to avoid cramming back into one. That's where the inspiration for the bike business came from: avoid a soul crushing real job for as long as possible. I've been a lifelong functional biker. I do a bit of mountain biking, but really it is just A to B everyday biking that I've always gravitated to. It's good exercise, affordable, makes you more connected to where you live, and (usually) puts you in a good mood. On top of that I'm a history buff. This is where my oh so complicated business plan sprang from: get people out on bikes, discuss interesting stuff, have fun.

Those are still the three things I think about. Yes there's safety matters, SEO, bike maintenance, marketing, and of course taxes, but mostly I'm focused on bringing something active, informative, and fun to Tucson. Based on feedback, so far so good! I love Tucson and can't wait to learn my next tidbit, find some new quirky spot, and just enjoy the feeling of pedaling around town.