Dog Disgusted with Motorized Bicycles

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Guest Opinion: Rex

Greetings Tucson,

I am not able to sniff you today, so the written word will have to do. I am writing about an overlooked problem in Tucson. Since 2006, motorized bicycles have been legal on all streets and bike lanes as long as they don't go faster than 20 mph. My weekly howls of protest have fallen on deaf ears. I don't know if this is because humans can't hear all that well compared to my kind, or if it is the sheer noise emitted by the 2 stroke engines that muffles my barks. I chase after these decibel deviants, but to no avail. Leashes! Did you know that these "bikes" roar down quiet side streets, leaving a 100 decibel wake? That's a noise level that can result in hearing loss, even amongst small-eared species like yourself. Then there is the matter of air pollution. We've all seen the haze lingering over Tucson when we've descended from Mt. Lemmon. Did you know that a 2 stroke engine, the type used on most of these motorized bicycles, emits the equivalent of 30 to 50 car engines? If red light cameras can be banned by referendum, something that has been proven to reduce pedestrian, bicycle, and most importantly, dog fatalities, then the least you humans can do is put 2 stoke bike engines up for a vote. Woof.