BIKE RENTAL Description

Sometimes you just want a simple, safe, and pleasant ride along a bike path. Our half day bike rental is for you! You'll explore the Rillito Path, the best section of The Loop, an extensive network of paved shared-use paths. No hills, no cars, no kidding! The section you'll ride is consistently rated by locals as the best bike riding in town. Some highlights of your ride include (listed distances are one way):

Westbound from rental location

  • Rillito River Wash - Not really a river most days, but definitely a natural corridor. Watch for quail and mountain views.
  • Children's Memorial Park - 1½ miles. Water, bathrooms, shaded picnic areas.
  • Sun Circle - 3 miles. Ceremonial structure that tracks the sun. Inspired by the great kiva at Chaco Canyon.
  • Dan Felix and Flowing Wells Park - 5 miles, on either side of the Rillito. Water, bathrooms, shade.
  • Kory Laos BMX Park - 5½ miles. Stop and watch the BMXers fly off some jumps. Good views from the path.
  • Santa Cruz River Wash - 8½ miles. Connect to a different segment of The Loop.
  • Silverbell Lake - 10 miles on west side of Santa Cruz. A nice little lake in Tucson! Water, bathrooms, shade.
  • Sweetwater Wetlands Park - 10 miles on east side. Informative trail system around ponds. Good bird watching. Bathrooms.

Eastbound from rental location

  • Rillito River Wash - Not really a river most days, but definitely a natural corridor. Watch for quail and mountain views.
  • Rillito Farmers Market - ½ mile. Bathrooms, water, shade. Open on Sunday's.
  • Trader Joe's - 1½ miles. In case you need a snack and it's not Sunday!
  • Rio Vista Natural Resource Park - 2 miles. Paths, water, bathrooms, shade.
  • Ranches and Farms - 3 miles. Sections of the path have a country feel. Keep a lookout for horses and goats.
  • Brandi Fenton - 3½ miles. A nice park with water, bathrooms, shade, a garden, and Binghampton Historic sites.
  • Rillito Crossing Linear Park - 4½ miles. Bathrooms, water, shade. Quiet 2½ mile section east of here.

Rental Equipment

We rent Civia Lowry single speed bikes in two sizes:

  1. Small step thru frame: Generally fits riders 4'11" to 5'6"
  2. Large step over frame: Generally fits riders 5'7" to 6'5"

The Civia Lowry is the perfect bike for The Loop. It's well made, comfortable to ride with an upright position, the tires roll efficiently but are wide enough to handle some bumps, it's simple (less chance of stuff breaking while you are out on your ride), lightweight, and correctly geared for the flat terrain you'll encounter.

All rentals include upgraded tires for flat protection, helmet, lock, map, & cage for your own water bottle.

Pickup and Dropoff Times

We offer two rental times: morning and afternoon. Each half day rental period is 3½ hours.

  1. Morning: Pick up equipment at 8:45am and return at 12:15pm.
  2. Afternoon: Pick up equipment at 12:45pm and return at 4:15pm.

Our rental location will only be staffed 15 minutes before and after the pickup/dropoff time. Unfortunately, times outside this 30 minute window can't be accommodated. Fortunately, with the map we provide and some basic time awareness, it's easy to return on time.


For each half day rental period:

  • $35 per adult / $25 per youth

Currently, our reservation system doesn't allow for full day rentals. You'll need to book the morning and afternoon rental periods on the same day. If you are interested in a full day rental, contact us and we'll provide you with a $10 off promocode.

Tickets: Coming Soon!

Pima County’s entire Loop is spectacular, but we gotta give the love this year to the Rillito River Park. We love the way it rolls past the pastures, stables, mesquite bosques, tennis courts, Trader Joe’s, dog parks, horse races and farmers markets.
— Tucson Weekly, "Best of Tucson" annual issue

What to Expect

  • Tour meets and ends from StorQuest on 1st Avenue, just across from Rillito Race Track. Free parking available.
  • Ride away. No car racks needed.
  • The Loop is a multi-use path. There are no cars, but watch for fellow cyclists, pedestrians, work crews, and animals.
  • Bikes have a single gear & lever brakes.
  • Rental includes Civia Lowry bike, helmet, lock, and map.
  • Bike has cage for your own water bottle. Bottled water that fits tight in the cage for sale ($1, cash only).
  • Don't forget your sunscreen & sunglasses.
  • A small backpack can be useful.
  • Riders must be 4'11" to 6'5" tall. 
  • One rider must have a cellphone.
  • Tickets are non-refundable but can be re-scheduled with at least 48 hours notice.
  • A signed release form is required.
  • Riders are required to stay on The Loop and immediate area. No street riding.