Guided bicycle tours through Tucson's Historic Neighborhoods.


Explore on a comfy bike. Ride in small groups with great guides. Laugh and learn! 


Day Tour

Immerse yourself in vibrant barrios. From old forts to modern art. Cruise the best of historic, quirky, and bike-friendly Tucson!      11 miles / 3 hours / $60      Day Tour Details

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Night Tour

Bright neon signs to candlelit shrines. The blast of train whistles to the taste of Sonoran hotdogs. A night ride feeds the senses!       11 miles / 3 hours / $75        Night Tour Details

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Sunrise is for those who want the coolest temps, most peaceful         surroundings, and beautiful light. Oh, the best donut too!                8 miles / 2 hours / $45      Sunrise Tour Details

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The Loop

Enjoy a safe and pleasant spin along the best section of The Loop, a paved path circling Tucson. A fun ride. Great for kids!               7 miles / 1½ hours / $35 ($25 kids)   Loop Tour Details